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Kellogg Kids is the official Kellogg club that provides a welcoming environment for partners and families of students.  The goal of our club is to create a smooth life transition by providing a support network for the spouses and partners of Kellogg students with children.


Kellogg is unique among top business schools in offering a club that is geared solely toward student families.  We are one of the most active clubs on campus, averaging three to four activities per week.


We look forward to having you join us at great events all year.  We start with an intensive week of fun activities while your student is busy with Kellogg orientation.  Kellogg Kids also sponsors regular playgroups, story time, birthday parties, holiday parties, field trips, Mom’s Night Out, and movies at TG (TG is a weekly student social hour in the Jacobs Atrium on Fridays from 5-7pm).


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