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Our Mission

Responsibly represent the interests of E&W Kellogg MBA students in an inclusive manner.

Provide a platform for a discussion of student concern and act as the instrument by which students may be voiced to the administration of the evening KSM program and Northwestern University.

Facilitation in the planning and implementation of student activities, including social, cultural, and educational programs designed to  supplement the academic curriculum of E&W Kellogg MBA students.

High Impact, Low Ego

Meet The Team!

  • Naomi Lopes
    VP Managers' Ball Email
  • Kaila Messerli
  • Margo Beam
    President Email
  • James Eisenhut
    VP Social Email
  • Kelsey Kimball
    VP Technology Email
  • Lee Hillman
    VP Clubs Email
  • Karolina Kim
    VP Community Impact Email
  • Mario Zeron Hernandez
    VP Finance Email
  • Katie Graham
    VP Weekend Experience Email
  • Peter Kim
    VP Academics Email
  • Colleen Koubek
    VP Marketing Email
  • Federica Sidoti
    VP Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Email
  • Shenyun Wu
    VP Career Management Email
  • Jayesh Gautam
    VP Alumni & Graduation Email

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