Alumni and Graduation Committee

Overall Committee Objectives

  • To reach out and build relationships between the Kellogg Evening & Weekend students and the Kellogg Alumni community, by closing working with other committees, clubs, administration, and the full-time committee leaders.
  • Organize events for Evening and Weekend students which allow them to make connections and build relationships with the Kellogg Alumni community.
  • Coordinate with other committees and clubs to assist in alumni outreach for Kellogg E&W events.

2021-2022 Goals

Grow the Foundation

Continue to build a stronger relationship between the Kellogg Alumni community and the current E&W students.

Alumni Chapter Relations

Facilitating the connection between the Kellogg Alumni Chicago Chapter, creating opportunities for alumni to return to campus.


To strengthen the connection between the E&W and full-time programs, sharing their link to the single Kellogg Alumni community

Questions? Want to join our committee? Please contact Megan McEvily at