K-Latam Club is one of the largest student organizations at Kellogg, with thousands of alumni around the world and a vibrant on-campus community. Please take a look at the list of Country Captains to contact current students at Kellogg and have direct advice.

Active membership in K-Latam Club comes with benefits

Invitations to all of our many professional, cultural and social events and  early sign-up to world-renown guest speakers invited on campus

Access to high-profile alumni in your target industry of location and geography

Opportunities for high-impact leadership, deploying a large budget across different student and administration-led initiatives

Academic guidance from our leadership team to help you make the most of your classroom experience at Kellogg


Great!!! Let us know and we'll show you around. Try to avoid Wednesdays, as there are no classes this day. If you can, show up on Tuesday and stay for the night, there is plenty of action in Evanston on Tuesday nights.

Shoot an email to any of the country captains and we will arrange a good time for you at Kellogg.


Are you a Latin American applying to Kellogg and/or want to ask questions to current K-Latam members/Kellogg Students? Our Country Captains are the best way to be informed and have a direct picture of what to expect. If you don't see your country featured here, please contact any Country Captain that is part of your region and you will have the help that you need in order to make the best decision.


Francisco Elmiger

Francisco is a 2Y MBA student and an Industrial Engineer from Buenos Aires University. He had worked at Tenaris, Nestle, La Virginia and launched a startup before Kellogg.

Nicolas Maria Lopez Lecube


Arthur Vargas Amaral

Arthur is a 2Y MBA student and a Telecommunication Engineer from Brasilia, Brazil. Before Kellogg, he worked as a consultant throughout Latin America, covering markets in Brazil, Chile, Panama and Mexico.

Gabriel Kurimori Costa

Gabriel is a 2Y MBA student and an industrial engineer from Sao Paulo. He had worked for McKinsey for 2 years and for BRFoods (in Argentina) for 1 year before going to Kellogg

Matheus Simoes

Matheus is a first year 2Y at Kellogg. Born in Rio de Janeiro, has spent last 20 years in the midwestern US. His background is in corporate finance in the automotive and financial services industries, but he is currently recruiting for consulting. At Kellogg he is on the Consulting Club executive board as the Finance Director, so feel free to reach out to him if you are interested in learning more about consulting recruiting or American culture in general.


Santiago Jose Said Errazuriz

Santiago is part of the MMM program with a mayor in business from Santiago, Chile. Prior to Kellogg he worked in management consulting and real estate development in the Chilean Patagonia. He is living in Evanston with his family and dog.

Simon Silva Lozano

Simon is a 1Y student who moved from Chile with my wife, 2 year-old daughter and 1 year-old son. Previous to Kellogg, I spent 9 years focused in Finance and Investments, mainly in a portfolio management role in Bice Vida Insurance Company, where I spent 7 years.


Pablo Villegas

Pablo is a 2Y of 2019 class from Medellín Colombia. Worked in P&G for 9 years in retail, trade marketing, category management and sales. I also lead a non profit voluntership back in my city called Proyecto Morales.

Sebastian Perez

Sebastian Perez is a 1Y student from Medellin, Colombia. Before coming to Kellogg I worked in the Retail industry for Colombia’s retailer Grupo Exito, where I worked for 6 years in their e-commerce division. I have experience in business development and e-commerce operations. After Kellogg I want to continue working in LATAM, especially in e-commerce or tech companies. I’m really excited to see more Colombian and Latin American students coming to Kellogg, so feel free to reach out at any time!

Costa Rica

Maripaz Lizano


Alejandro O'farril

Alejandro is from Monterrey, México currently enrolled in the One Year MBA Program at Kellogg. Prior to Kellogg I had six years of experience mainly in corporate finance and business development within the retail and tech industry. I am looking to continue my career in tech after Kellogg. Can share experience with Kellogg Tech Club and JV inclusion.

Isabel Arguelles

Isabel is a 2Y MBA. She’s an industrial engineer from Tec de Monterrey from Mexico City. Before coming to Kellogg she worked for BCG for 3 years in their Mexico City office.


Diego Blondet Padro

Diego is a MMM from the ’19 class and an economist of Universidad del Pacífico. He worked in Corporate Strategy for Credicorp for 5 years before coming to Kellogg. His objective for getting an MBA is to work in innovation.

Sebastian Galvez Martin

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and did my undergrad in Northwestern University. I majored in Civil Engineering and worked in Private Equity and Real Estate in Peru prior to Kellogg. I am currently a first year student in the 2Y Program and plan to major in Finance, pursuing a pathway in Real Estate. I form part of the Real Estate, Consulting and Latam Clubs.


Patricia Liendo

Patricia is a 2Y MBA student and a Production Engineer from Caracas, Venezuela. She worked as a Brand Manager for 5 years in Belcorp in Panama and Peru.