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Interested in pursuing a career in human capital? We have plenty of resources for you on your journey, and the Human Capital Club is a great starting point! We are happy to be a resource to all prospective students. Below are some questions that we commonly receive. We know the FAQs may not answer all of your questions, but please feel free to reach out to our team if you have specific questions about human capital topics at Kellogg.

What is the purpose of the Kellogg Human Capital Club?

The Kellogg Human Capital Club is a student professional development organization that focuses on building the capabilities of our members in the human capital consulting, human resources management, and organizational strategy fields. We do so through bringing HR thought leadership speakers to campus, recruiting preparation for HR strategy & Human Capital Consulting roles, collaborating with the Career Management Center, and networking with relevant employers and alums.

What support does the Kellogg Human Capital Club provide to students recruiting for jobs in human capital and human resources?

We host an "IPG"- an "Interview Preparation Group" for first year students interested in obtaining HR/HC internships. The IPG starts in late fall and runs through the winter quarter. We also offer our members a database of resources to help prepare.

What companies recruit for human capital and human resources jobs and internships on campus?

Here is a sample list of companies that recruit for Human Capital and Human Resources jobs: Microsoft, Deloitte, Under Armor, Google, Cisco, Amazon, Anheuser Busch InBev, Walmart, LinkedIn, American Express, Bank of America, Biogen, M&T Bank, Danaher, Johnson & Johnson, and Strategy&. The list of companies will vary from year to year and the CMC will be your best source of current information.

Do I need to have a background in HR/ human capital consulting to pursue a job and/or internship in this space?

Definitely not! Many of our members have successfully transitioned into Human Capital and HR roles from marketing, operations, program management, general management, and finance roles!

What classes should I take to prepare for careers in HR and/or human capital?

Many of the classes within the Management and Organizations (MORS) Department and Strategy are relevant for careers in HR and/or human capital. Example classes include Leader as Coach, People Analytics and Strategy, Recruiting and Retaining Talent, Strategic Change Management, Strategy Implementation, and Managing and Leading Diverse Organizations.

How do I get in touch with members of the Kellogg Human Capital Club executive team?

Please send us an email at humancapital-club@kellogg.northwestern.edu. We'd love to hear from you!

What are potential roles/ career paths in human Resources and human Capital?

Potential roles in human Resources and human Capital include: Human Capital Consulting, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, HRBP, Organizational Development, People Analytics, Compensation Consultant, Executive Search, Learning and Development, Talent Management, Employment Branding, and Talent Acquisition.

What types of events does the KHCC organize?

We host a variety events to further educate the Kellogg population on human Resources/ human Capital topics. Examples of past events include "Google People Analytics: A Look Inside"; "Recruiting Rockstars in Tech"'; and an "Introduction to HR and Human Capital Recruiting." We also host lunch and learns with firms recruiting for HR/ human capital talent.