Welcome to the KHCC!

Our Mission

The Kellogg Human Capital Club's mission is to enable students to successfully recruit for human capital roles and elevate Kellogg as a school known for developing people-centric leaders, regardless of industry/function.

Our activities include:

Education: we educate all students - whether focused on human capital-specific careers or on human capital as part of a general management role - on the latest human capital trends and ideas. We bring in industry-leading speakers from human capital consulting firms, people analytics teams, chief human resource offices, and everything in-between to provide access to a broad range of human capital topics.

Career support: We equip students for human capital careers through our Interview Preparation Groups (IPGs) for both human resources and human capital Ccnsulting roles, as well as by providing career search, networking, and interviewing resources.

Community-building: We work to foster a community of Kellogg alumni and current students interested in the human capital field. Broadly, we seek to expand industry knowledge and understanding of the importance of human capital on the Kellogg campus.

Collaboration: We regularly collaborate with other clubs on human capital events – broadening exposure to human capital issues to all those who will be involved in people issues in their future careers.

The KHCC is here to help you understand the variety of opportunities in human capital roles, help you prepare for internships and full-time roles, and keep you up-to-date on human capital trends to make you a better manager in any role post-Kellogg! Please join the club for information on upcoming activities, or reach out to our team below.

Kellogg Human Capital Club Executive Team!