K Fit Club

Our Mission


K Fit's mission is to use fitness as a vehicle for creating an inclusive and fun community for all Kellogg students. Open to anyone regardless of prior experience and fitness goals, we're here to be the first stop for any member of the Kellogg community who wants to live an active, healthy lifestyle!

  • Michelle Chan
    VP ClassesEmail
  • Benjamin Resnick
    VP Social VP SocialEmail
  • Katherine Shively
    VP Volleyball VP VolleyballEmail
  • Ilesh Jain
    VP Volleyball VP VolleyballEmail
  • Deanna Stangas
    VP Swim Club VP SwimEmail
  • Chinapa (KE) Chatkitcharoen
    VP Professional VP ProfessionalEmail
  • Ting Li
    VP Social VP SocialEmail
  • Fernanda Miki Honda
    VP Finance/Treasurer VP FinanceEmail
  • Natalia Molina
    VP Cycling Club VP CyclingEmail
  • Caroline DiNapoli
    VP Marketing VP MarketingEmail
  • Jacob Greenberg
  • Katherine O'Reilly
    Co-President Email
  • Guanyi Zong
    VP Cycling Club Email
  • Jennifer Schnadig
  • Srijamya Raghuvanshi
  • Patrick Doyle
  • William Gaul
    VP Events VP EventsEmail
  • Ariana Sherman
    Director Marketing Email
  • Erin Beacham
  • Erin Denney
    VP Volleyball Email
  • Alexander Snyder
    VP Cycling Club Email
  • Scott Tsangeos
    VP Coaches Email
  • Talbot Jacobs
    VP Swim Club Email
  • Blakely Gordon
    VP Run Club Email
  • Amelia Deady
    VP Run Club Email
  • Valmik Lakhlani
    VP Professional Email
  • Joan Margolis
    VP Social Email
  • Bárbara Montes de Oca
    VP Finance/Treasurer Email
  • Kaitlin Dorey
    VP Social Email
  • Kirsten Ingham
    VP Marketing Email