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    AI, Medical Diagnosis and the Business of Healthcare: Where Things Are Going

    Come join KDA as Dr. Ayis Pyrros and Randy Horton will be joining us to talk about how AI is changing the Healthcare Industry. Summary: Several years ago, the expression "Software is Eating the World" was coined. Today, this could be updated to "Software (including Artificial Intelligence) is Eating the World." This is certainly true in the healthcare sector where AI has the (still unrealized) potential to massively transform the delivery of healthcare, simultaneously increasing the quality of healthcare outcomes and reducing our nation's massive healthcare spend. While it is only one of many likely applications of AI in healthcare, medical diagnosis provides an excellent lens for looking at how AI can make the doctors and other providers in the healthcare systems much more efficient and effective. In this talk, we will look at how AI is being applied to the diagnostic fields of radiology and medical imaging (e.g., x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound). We will discuss how AI can help us diagnose disease, what this means for the radiologists currently performing these functions and how this will impact patients (i.e., you and I) and the business of healthcare. Speakers • Dr. Ayis Pyrros, Radiologist at DuPage Medical Group and healthtech entrepreneur • Randy Horton, Managing Principal, 94 Westbound Consulting.


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