Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg (PDAK)

Long before big data and analytics became buzzwords, Kellogg was equipping business leaders with the knowledge they need to harness the possibilities of data analytics. We believe analytics is a leadership problem, driven by strong managerial judgment. PDAK seeks to provide our students with a robust working knowledge of data science in order to confidently leverage data analytics for effective decision making. Thanks to our partnerships with companies and industry leaders around the world, we are dedicated to providing the most relevant programming to meet market needs.

"At its core, analytics is a leadership problem. The hardest part of making analytics work is not the data science or technology. All the major challenges are ones that leaders must solve." -Florian Zettelmeyer: Faculty Director Of PDAK, Chair of Marketing Department

Kellogg's data analytics curriculum is built around the observation that managers do not always have a sense of what analytics can do for them, and data scientists do not always understand enough about a manager's problem to be helpful. What is missing are analytics-savvy MBAs who have a passion for business problems and who are so fluent in data analytics that they can easily converse with and manage teams of data scientists.