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Professor Baker gives an intro into what Venture Capital is. He'll go over how VC's make money, what does "pre" vs "post" money mean and will talk about how VCs evaluate a company. Listen to presentation from your computer or phone and download the presentation if you wish to follow along.

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Some common Q&A from this event:
For VC Lab, do you have to have a VC or finance background?
No, its an application process and the firms vary quarter to quarter, so each quarter it will vary on what firms are looking for.  Most are not necessarily looking for a VC or finance background, but may be interested in industry experience in a particular area.
What do MBA's typically do at a VC firm?
Recent MBA grads are going to be doing due diligence on markets and firm pitches, looking at pro formas, and doing some financial modeling.

Meet Google Ventures (GV)

Listen to Jake Knapp and John Zertsky as they talk about what they do to help startups create, test and grow their ideas. Very engaging, very fun and very insightful. Watch the presentation or listen to our audio file.

First, here's their book:

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Now that you know what VC is,
curious to hear about day-to-day work?