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Our mission is to help those interested in Entrepreneurship and/or Venture Capital understand what it is and what they need to succeed. We are here to help you move to the next step and we hope you are here to help others that were once at your last step.

Carlos Gomez


Carlos started his own seafood business and was able to sell it off. However, he's interested in way more than the fish on your plate. Carlos has a deep passion for VC and is always looking to keep EVC engaging.

Claire Byrne

Treks lead

Claire is an amazing asset to EVC. Not only is she passionate about maybe starting her own business someday, but she wants Kellogg students to really know what it's like to work for a startup

Clarisa Bonilla

VC & Social Impact

The third member to have a first name with a "C", Clarisa is passionate about finance, developing nations and agricultural sustainability startups. She's in pursuit of launching a goat milk business and, in doing so, is limiting her osteoperosis.

Jerry Stoffl


While he shares the same initials as Jerry Seinfeld, this Jerry will never lead with "Whats the deal with." He is from Cincinnati, but very passionate about connecting Kellogg to Chicago startups.

Yanbo Song


Part-time student and part-time Jedi, Yanbo aims to provide clarity of mind as well as clarity into startups. He has a goal of demystifying entreprenuerial life and making sure buzzwords are explained

Tayo Olabumuyi


Not to be confused with hit singer Taio Cruz ("We gon' light it up, Like it's dynamite!"), Tayo is rising in the world of consulting, but also has an eye towards VC/PE. His main goal with EVC is to help current Kellogg students grow their ideas and visions.

Jordan Sheiner


While he shares a name with a famous basketball player, you won't see Jordan battling space aliens in a game of basketball. Instead, you'll see him focusing on the FinTech side of entrepreneurship and obsessing of ways to provide financial literacy to EVC members.

Ganesh Acharya


Say his name 3 times and he will magically appear. Ganesh, has been to many EVC events from the member perspective and now is ready to be on the other side and provide great content, value and events for the members. He has experience with finding NU resources for startup help too.