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    Entrepreneurship &

    Venture Capital Club

Our Mission

Empower the Kellogg community of aspiring entrepreneurs and venture capitalists through network and resources that support starting or funding new companies.

Events & Activities

Attend multiple events hosted by E&W EVC each quarter from student founder panels, professor-led workshops, to VC speakers


Network with fellow student founders, aspiring VCs, and professors within our robust community of over 400 members

Exclusive Resources

Access Kellogg-provided startup and VC resources, professors, and programs to accelerate growing and funding your company


Benefit from our partnerships and collaborations within the Northwestern and Greater Chicago startup communities

Helpful Links:

# Organization/Item Address
1 1871 Free Conference Room 1212 Merchandise Mart
2 mHub Chicago (Coworking space and Physical Products manufacturing incubator) 965 W Chicago Ave,
3 Matter (Healthcare focused startup incubator) 1230 Merchandise Mart
4 Free Wall Street Journal www.wsj.com/northwestern
5 ProQuest Database Search for Business, Technology, and News https://search-proquest-com.turing.library.northwestern.edu/