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Meet local Chicago startups with your Kellogg schoolmates and learn about what they do, feel the culture and listen to them tell their story


Learn about our First Chicago Trek

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Who we visited:

  • mHub
  • Public Good
  • Uptake
  • ThinkCERCA
  • MATH Venture Partners

What we did:

  • Met various small to midsize companies who are focusing  on local and midwest industries such as industrials, and manufacturing.
  • Also met an Education Technology company who believes that their emphasis on critical thinking across all subjects will teach students in K-12 more effectively than traditional textbook teaching methods.

What we learned:

  • Favorite lesson was from Mark Achler who stressed the importance of having the right team and sales presence to make a startup succeed.
  • Having the right team is more important than the right idea. "I'd rather have an A+ Team and a B product than the other way around"
  • Backed by GE Ventures, Catalyst, and Chicago World Business
  • In the future they plan to partner with manufacturing-focused VCs
  • Ability to micro-manufacture circuit boards up to 1,000 units
  • Small scale to full production 3D printing facility
  • Take action on causes in news articles
  • Over 2 million non-profits, work only with 501 (c)3’s
  • Most non—profits are good at sales, but bad at marketing in digital era
  • A.I. reads story to make specific recommendations
  • Have taken a platform approach to make nation-wide
  • One challenge has been the compliance around giving
  • 80% of giving is local as people feel more emotion, connection, and engagement
  • Transforming into a liquid marketplace with increasing active users; may follow Etsy model for selling services with curated content and cause marketing
  • Similar model to e-commerce except also have social mission
  • Content is stronger driver of engagement than the publisher
  • Started in rail w/ CAT and eventually CAT took minority stake
  • Expanded from rail into mining and construction
  • New verticals include agriculture, aviation, and renewable energy
  • Main service is predicting failures on machines to improve efficiency and safety
  • Target districts with over 15,000 students
  • Help build teacher effectiveness by giving them the lessons they to focus on personalized learning
  • Principals and super intendents are decision markers
  • Always asks entrepreneurs what their main KPI’s are as they have to know how to measure performance
  • Look for unfair competitive advantage at customer acquisition
  • Focus on team and market size
  • Trust is a premium
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