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At Kellogg's Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital (EVC) club, we don't care if you are a Saturday, Evening, Full-time, Exec, Alumni or Prospective student. We want to give you more knowledge about Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital so you are in stronger position to start, grow, buy or sell a business than if you didn't join us.
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Here's how we will help you grow

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills Hear from
Startup Veterans
Venture Capital
Startup Offices
Meet your future co-founders
Listen to how local Startups got started

Ask questions about startup challenges from Kellogg alumn

Learn about entering new industries

Meet other EVC members and members from partnering clubs

Learn how to evaluate companies

Understand how to negotiate with VCs

Write your own Term Sheet
Get a tour of local startups in Chicago

Travel to SF, Austin, New York or other places to visit startups and Hi-Tech firms

Bond with a core group of other students interested in entre & intrapreneurship