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I already know how to test. I ask a bunch of people to use it...right?

The heart of entrepreneurship is testing. Here is a simple set of equations to help you understand:

Hypothesis + Testing= Validation

Validation + Implementation= Direction

Design + Intuition= Hypothesis

There are so many ways to test and so many things to test. Where do I start?

While there are many types of testing, one of the easiest to administer and to capture the greatest return is A/B testing. A/B testing allows you to test one version of a landing page, email, website, color, wording, etc against two or three different versions. Whichever has the better rate (hopefully statistically significant) is the winner.

Example: JitsLab
JitsLab is an online tool that allows users to upload videos of physical performances (e.g. wrestling, basketball, speech), tag the actions of those videos and automatically create reports and highlight videos. This allows users to see strengths, weaknesses and why they are plateauing

Test: Facebook Marketing (Paid Ads vs Boosted Post)
Measure of success: Click through rate

Ad Post
Click through rate= 0.9% Click through rate= 4.6%

Insight: We thought the Facebook Ad tool would do better with the action photo, but actually the content with context for martial artists was statistically significant in terms of engagement

Test: Home Page design vs landing page design
Measure of success: # Clicks to "Sign up" or "Learn More" and duration until first click

Home Page Landing Page
13% of clicks on desired spot (avg time to click: 25s) 93% of clicks on desired spot (avg time to click: 17s)

Insight: The landing page with a nice picture, chart and lack of excessive buttons signifcantly increased desired clicks and reduced time for user to make a click upon first seeing page

Want help with testing your site and product? Here is a guide of resources you can use


What it does

Can create several landing pages to test bounce rate, click through rates and design
Free with NU email (see next page)
Shows where people click on site
Shows customer impressions of site after 5 seconds to test design
Can mock up fake customer flow to see how customers would behave
$1=1 credit=1 tester (Discount on next page
Records screen of those using your beta version of your site.
Can use the following:
  • Random users
  • You invite the users
  • $35 per tester
Email campaign manager
Can A/B test different subject lines, email timing and design
Free for some functionality otherwise need credits or $10/mo subscription
Can test different key search terms
Pricing varies by bid
Can test different promotion types
Boosts vary by desired audience and reach

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