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Kellogg is a great place to test your startup and to gain some great resources while doing it. Competition season starts around Winter and ends at Spring with the annual VentureCat competition. John Le had the honor of making it to the semi-finals for VentureCat with JitsLab and has some tips and pointers for you.

  1. Practice- You probably know this already, but the best presenters know exactly when they need to be on which slide. A great app is pTimer+ which allows you to break down sections so you know where you have to be and when. Another good tip is to video record you practicing and turn off the sounds so you notice your body language.
  2. Bring handouts- Very few people do this. Print out your slides and even bind them. It will make you memorable, which is the key to these competitions.
  3. Don't be afraid of animation- Don't bunny hop bounce images into your slides, but also don't be afraid to use fade, wipe or disappear and to change the timing. It's a great way to have the audience see what you want them to see when you want it.
There are a lot more tips to go through, but those are some big ones. Want to watch my pitch? Check it out below

Here is the winning team: Intelligent Flying Machines


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Below is a list of annual competitions to watch out for:
  • 1 min pitch competition at the Garage
  • Shark Tank (presented by KEO)
  • Cupid's Cup (National competition run by founder of Under Armor)
  • VentureCat
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