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Already have a startup or maybe just an idea?
Entrepreneurs Anonymous can help you get moving

Current startups

What is Entrepreneurs Anonymous?

Entrepreneurs Anonymous is a group of current Kellogg students that have a startup or idea. We meet monthly where each group presents the following:
  • What do we do?
  • What was our goal from last month?
  • How did we test or implement that goal?
  • What is our goal for next month?
  • What else do we need help with?
Why does Entrepreneurs Anonymous exist?
The goal is to kick each other's butts to get moving on our idea. We are all accountable to each other otherwise you'll look like a fool if you have nothing to present.

What do I get out of it?
Some pretty cool stuff:
  • Connections to other Kellogg Entrepreneurs
  • Help from the group around skills or advice
  • Exposure to the EVC email listserv to ask members to test a website, device or product for you
  • Classes on how to make basic landing pages, websites and use Google Analytics
Who is involved so far? How do I get in on it?
Easy- fill out the application below

Have more questions? Email John Le at