Meet The Team

CIM Executive Team

Get to know the people who are making it all happen. In partnership with the Office of Student Life, the CIM Exec team are your MCs, hosts, guides, and behind the scenes operators working to make CIM an unforgettable experience for the class of 2025.

Anushka Chakravorty

Hometown: Bangalore, India
Fun fact: I am an Artist and few years back, I wanted to take up painting professionally!
Active Kellogg Affiliations: President – CIM'23, Director of Academics - KSA, VP of Events - KSAC
Ask me about: India - Amazing food and Bollywood tunes/movies to brighten up your day.
Why CIM Exec: As an international student new to U.S.A, CIM made me feel welcome and prepared me for a transformative journey at Kellogg and beyond. Aligned with Kellogg's "high-impact low-ego" vision, I aim to contribute to the community and create a remarkable experience for future students.

Njideka Elizabeth Okafor

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Fun fact: I keep a growing collection of buskers for all the countries I've travelled to. Watching the interplay of culture and talent always adds colour to my day. 
Active Kellogg Affiliations: MBAi Student Leadership - Director of Marketing and Admissions, KTech - Head of Community, CIM Exec 2023.
Ask me about: Being a woman of colour at Kellogg; Transitioning to Product Management from Software Engineering; Balancing time between school activities and personal relationships
Why CIM Exec: My CIM was a transformative experience, the first few days laid the grounds for me to feel like I made the best decisions coming to Kellogg and to feel ready to take on the experiences ahead. I want to pay it forward -  curate an experience for incoming students that has them prepared to thoroughly own their Kellogg experience and make it the best it can be, ON THEIR OWN TERMS

Adeyanju Oluwapelumi Folarin

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Fun fact: I was the main actor in a stage drama with about 500 people in the audience.
Active Kellogg Affiliations: Black Management Association Conference (BMAC) Co-Chair
Ask me about: Recruiting for Consulting, Tech in Africa, Living in Evanston.
Why CIM Exec: CIM is the first Kellogg experience of every Kellogg MBA student and holds immense importance in shaping each individuals' journey. I loved the opportunity welcome the incoming Kellogg Leaders to this exceptional MBA experience, and support them on their journeys to becoming transformational leaders.

Mohamad Faheem Jalaldeen

Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Fun fact: I love watching old movies!
Active Kellogg Affiliations: General Management Club, CIM Exec 2023, KTech
Ask me about: Moving in with a JV, International Student Life
Why CIM Exec: To pay it forward by making sure the incoming group has the best CIM experience.

Frederick Adenuga

Hometown: Evanston, ILL and Hollywood, FL
Fun fact: While at Kellogg I traveled to 6 of the 7 continents (just missed Antarctica)
Active Kellogg Affiliations: Co-President Kellogg Marketing Club, P@K Exec, BMA
Ask me about: Re-Recruiting, Traveling at Kellogg, Maximizing Kellogg Experience
Why CIM Exec: Kellogg was a magical experience for me, and having recently graduated, I am hoping to pass along as many useful tips, lessons, and resources as I can to make this new class' journey as special as mine was.

Rahul Sahai Saxena

Hometown: Lucknow, India
Fun fact: Hated the idea of a MBA but ended up pursuing one
Active Kellogg Affiliations: Pride @ Kellogg, Public Speaking Club, KTech
Advice I'd give to myself a year ago: Enjoy every minute of your life because everything is about to change. Spend time with the ones you've always loved, travel to places you wouldn't ordinarily go to, reconnect with your old self, and learn how to drive (much needed)..
Ask me about: Moving from Tech to Consulting, Tech and Consulting recruitment, life as an international student, network effects (wait for MORS class to know what that is).
Why CIM Exec: Kellogg has changed my life is ways I can never truly describe or comprehend. I know I'm a very different person now than I ever was - much happier, a bit wiser (questionable), more risk taking, and more social. I wanted to give back every way I could and ensure that the incoming class had a great welcome like I got, and no better way to make that happen than via CIM.

CIM Section Leaders

Your section will be led at CIM by one of the second year section leaders. They'll teach you everything you need to know about your section and keep the section energy at a maximum for all four days of CIM.

Matthew Auran

Hometown: Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA
Section: Buckets
How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: Leaders seek every opportunity to effectively communicate and mentor others in an effort to clarify team objectives
Tell us about a favorite memory or experience from your section last year: My favorite section memory was in flag football where we got to bring together a diverse set of students with various athletic backgrounds and compete together in a format that everyone was an integral part of the team.

Deb Chakraborty

Hometown: Jamshedpur, India

Section: Buckets

How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: A grounded visionary who is able to inspire, guide and commit to the growth of their cause or people

Tell us about a favorite memory or experience from your section last year: The crucible moments was such an intimate and beautiful experience, it really helped me get to know my pod mates and understand their cultural context, our friendships have only become stronger since

Maggie Connelly

Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA

Section: Highlanders

How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership": Leadership is a combination of bringing out the best in people and guiding them in the right direction.
Tell us about a favorite memory or experience from your section last year: The Highlanders went on a retreat to Milwaukee last winter - we did a brewery tour, visited a traditional supper club, and had a ton of fun spending time together in a different setting!

Will Eisenberg

Hometown: Canton, Ohio, USA
Section: Highlanders 
How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: Inspiring continuous improvement of self and team!
Tell us a favorite memory or experience from your section last year: So many to choose from! Section Beach Day during Memorial Day weekend stands out!

Alyssa Leonard

Hometown: Foster City, California, USA
Section: Poet
How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: "Leadership" to me is the ability to motivate others around a common goal.
Tell us a favorite memory or experience from your section last year: My favorite memory from my section last year was section Olympics, not only because WE WON, but also because of how it bonded us as a section. Through the events, we had to use teamwork, trust, and ingenuity. It was a fun experience and one that I will never forget!

Mbere Monjok

Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA
Section: Bullfrogs
How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?
Tell us a favorite memory or experience from your section last year:  My favorite section memory was from our section retreat in Michigan City, IN. We had a ton of fun because Bullfrogs know how to have a good time, but we also got a chance to strengthen bonds and create new ones. At the end of the retreat, everyone was assigned a person they had to describe in three words and then share a favorite memory about that individual. It was great to hear people's stories of the laughs they shared, the heartfelt conversations they had, and the way they uplifted each other during tough times.

Danny Schwartz

Hometown: New York City, NY, USA
Section: Bots
How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: A leader is someone who values trust, respect, and transparency on behalf of a group in pursuing its goals.
Tell us a favorite memory or experience from your section last year:  Hosting a Bots South Asian feast on the Centrum rooftop!

Nitin Singh

Hometown: Chicago, Il, USA
Section: Turkeys
How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: To me, being a leader is focusing on being my relatable & genuine self and helping people around me feel comfortable, take their guards down, and perform to their maximum potential
Tell us a favorite memory or experience from your section last year:  My favorite memory from this past year was definitely during the spring quarter Section Olympics. Although we didn't win the Lip Sync Battle, we objectively had the best rendition of 'Bye, Bye, Bye' (aka 'Fly, Fly, Fly')

Sherry Zhong

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Il USA
Section: Bots
How would you define the term "leader" or "leadership"?: Making sure no one gets left behind
Tell us a favorite memory or experience from your section last year:  Getting to know so many people of different cultures and backgrounds!