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Recruiter FAQ

Who should I contact to recruit Kellogg students for Operations positions?

There are several ways to meet and recruit Kellogg students. For official, on-campus recruiting events, please contact the Career Management Center. To work with the OMC, please contact

To post a job opening for a current student or an alumni, please see this page.

For graduation and other important dates, the Kellogg Academic Calendar can be found here.

What types of career opportunities are OMC members interested in?

OMC members are typically interested in roles that include project/program management, process improvement, supply chain optimization, Lean implementation, operations strategy definition and operations consulting. In general, OMC members are interested in roles that are responsible for the improvement of operational efficiency across a wide variety of industries.


What types of events are hosted by the OMC?

The OMC helps organize a wide variety of events, including:

  • Career Panels focused on Operations
  • Internship Panels
  • Lunch & Learns with Corporate Partners
  • Corporate Presentations on Operations-related Activities

The OMC is here to facilitate events for recruiters interested in reaching our member community. Please contact us to get started.


What is the OMC's role in the recruiting process?

The OMC is a point of contact for companies and students interested in operations careers. We are happy to advise companies on potential events, to provide feedback on recruiting strategies, and to handle logistics for recruiting events.


How large is the OMC?

OMC membership is made up of over 450 Kellogg students and alumni interested in Operations Management.