What is KWEST?

Kellogg experience starting with an adventure

The Kellogg Worldwide Exploration Student Trips (KWEST) are trips around the world led by second-year students and JVs. This program is a reflection of Kellogg's deep commitment to creating an inclusive community and providing students opportunities to lead and organize one of the key non-academic experiences at Kellogg. The purpose of KWEST is to introduce you (and your JVs) to a core group of your classmates and second-years in a safe environment and allow you to experience the Kellogg culture firsthand.

Recently, more than 85 percent of incoming students participate in KWEST. The trips are designed to bring together you and your classmates for a week of bonding so you get a jump-start on your networking while enjoying a variety of cultural and social activities around the world. Trips are also open to those with partners and significant others - or as we call them, Joint Ventures (JVs). KWEST is one of the most popular student activities at Kellogg as a great way to immerse yourself in the Kellogg culture. It is considered an integral part of the overall Kellogg experience by both students and their partners.

KWEST 2019


The class of 2020 has planned 39 fantastic trips just for you! We've got something for everybody - from adventure in the wildlife to relaxing beach trips and everything in between. We are sending trips to some of the world's most spectacular destinations. You don't want to miss the opportunity to start your Kellogg experience with a KWEST trip!

KWEST 2019 will be from August 24th to August 31st, with some select short trips which will leave a day late or return a day early to accommodate schedule conflicts.

Registration closed on May 24th but we are happy to accommodate late registrants! Please email Annie Reagan, KWEST Program Manager, to have your (and your JV's) name added to the waitlist.