What is KWEST?

Get to know your future classmates in a global setting before embarking on your Kellogg journey.

The Kellogg Worldwide Exploration Student Trips (KWEST) program is a popular pre-orientation tradition at Kellogg. Designed to immerse incoming students in Kellogg's culture and values, KWEST participants embark on group trips before the commencement of classes. This initiative is led by second-year students and supported by the Office of Global Experience. KWEST embodies Kellogg's student-driven leadership ethos and provides participants with one of multiple Kellogg opportunities to foster a sense of community before the official start of the academic journey.

KWEST Program Mission


To facilitate an intentionally inclusive experience where incoming students engage deeply with a core group of classmates, second year mentors, and Kellogg’s guiding principles through novel, shared experiences in a global setting. Participation in KWEST will inspire accountability, awareness of self and others, the pay it forward culture of Kellogg, and leave a positive, lasting impact on all involved.

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