About us


The Kellogg Student Association (KSA) is the representative student group at Kellogg that works to coordinate these many activities on behalf of students. While every student is a member of the KSA, it is driven by the dedicated efforts of more than 150 elected leaders across six committees and the KSA Board.

Each student has the ability to run for a leadership role within the KSA starting in their first week at Kellogg, having both immediate and long-term impact on the current student experience and the direction of the school.

Our mission


The Kellogg Student Association governs and supports student organizations, implements student led policies, and leads initiatives that improve the student experience and build the Kellogg brand. We do this in an effective, equitable, and transparent manner.

Your KSA Executive Team

  • Isaac DuPree
    President Email
  • Cassandra Green
  • Julia Hobbs
  • Nazim Kazmi
  • Kelly Power
  • Zoe Zhang
  • Tracey Fetherson
    EVP Diversity & Inclusion Email
  • Alyssa Posklensky
    1Y President Email
  • Sam Beach
    VP Social Email
  • Miranda Chang
    VP Careers Email
  • Andrew De Donato
    VP Academics Email
  • Iffat Siddiqui
    VP Global Affairs Email
  • Liz Sheedy
    VP Technology Email
  • Nirmal Lekshminarayanan
    VP Clubs and Finance Email
  • Shubhendra Agrawal
    Executive Director - Strategic Governance Email
  • Ambika Chou
    Executive Director - Sustainability and Facilities Email
  • Cara Foley
    Executive Director - Marketing and Communications Email
  • Daniel Ertis
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Chang Liu
  • Clifford Rhoten
    Executive Director - Alumni Relations Email
  • Katharine Jablonski
    Executive Director - Section Experience Email
  • Elizabeth Jazwiecki
    Executive Director - Section Experience Email
  • Bri Leon
    Executive Director - Section Experience Email
  • Kelly Anne Sherlock
    Executive Director - Section Experience Email

  • Kellogg Student Association

    Governing and supporting student organizations, implementing student led policies, and leading initiatives that improve the student experience and build the Kellogg brand.

  • Careers

    Our Careers team mission is to engage with students and Career Management Center (CMC) staff to provide the best professional recruiting resources of any world-renowned business school.


  • Global Initiatives

    Kellogg focuses on Global Initiatives, including our International buddy program,
    collaborations with business schools all over the world in study abroad programs,
    our GIM program which allows students to work with companies all over the world,
    and many more.


  • Academics

    Our broad academic scope includes a challenging core curriculum and more than 200 electives that give you the flexibility to explore your own interests and prepare for your professional future.


  • Personal and Professional Development

    When you understand how each part of an organization contributes to the success of the whole, you approach problems differently. You ask better questions and work more effectively. The Kellogg Student Association helps you become a better leader with targeted programs and initiatives that help you develop personally and professionally.