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Social and Cultural Committee


The Culture and Social Committee works to create diverse activities and events that celebrate the unique Kellogg culture. Our goal is to promote inclusive events that are accessible to the student body and enhance the student experience. Additionally, we want to have fun!  

Role of Committee Members

The Committee consists of two Culture and Social representatives from each Section in each class year. Culture and Social representatives have the opportunity to shape the Kellogg experiences during their two years in the role and serve as a voice for their sections to the broader committee. Representatives are responsible for planning events for their sections, managing their section social budgets, and organizing some of the largest and most exciting school-wide events.

Key Priorities for 2015-2016:

  • Continue to bring students together while emphasizing depth over breadth of student activities
  • Support the "One Kellogg" initiative to bring together students of all Kellogg MBA programs

Key Events for 2015-2016:

Check this calendar for the key KSA Social events.

Current Committee Members