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Careers Committee

Mission :

Engage with students and Career Management Center (CMC) staff to provide the best professional recruiting resources of any world-renowned business school

Role of Committee Members:

Partner with the CMC to:

  • Be a conduit between the student body and the CMC
  • Continuously improve the resources available to the student body by identifying and tackling pointed initiatives
  • Continuously improve the flow of information from the CMC to the student body

2016 Fall Initiatives:
  • Interview Prep Groups: Assisting clubs with designing, planning and executing interview prep groups
  • Resource Matching: Creating job shadowing opportunities, rethinking career-oriented buddy assignments before you join Kellogg, and opening additional avenues to leverage second years
  • CMC Communication Plan: Reviewing the existing CMC communication plan and looking for opportunities to revamp and revise as necessary
  • Networking Nights: Creating more 1st year networking nights with 2nd years playing the role of the company representative
  • Values Driven Careers Day: Working with the Business Leadership Club (BLC) to coordinate a workshop around your values and your job search
  • Industry Focused Timeline: Developing a roadmap to show the step by step timeline for recruiting in each major industry category

Current Committee Members