GCC Events

GCC hosts and co-hosts with other student organizations a number of club events throughout the academic year, among which the most well-attended events include:

  • Lunar New Year Celebration during the winter quarter (January to March)
  • Greater China Carnival during the spring quarter (March to May)
  • China Insider Forum during the spring quarter (March to May)
  • GCC Recruiting Seminar series during the fall quarter (September to December)

Each of these events attracts many students from the Kellogg and Northwestern University community, creating perfect windows for students to engage with and learn about the Great China business environment.

  • Greater China Business Conference

    As one of the most influential China-focused student run forums in the Midwest, GCBC seeks to bring a unique perspective to the business communities in this region. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for companies to share their vision on the world's fastest growing economy and their understanding of the trends between China and international markets.

    Run by students at Kellogg, a top international MBA program, China Insider Forum taps into the vast resources of the Kellogg School of Management and the Northwestern University in general, offering unparalleled opportunities for your business to engage with faculty and students from top graduate and undergraduate programs of the U.S.

  • Greater China Carnival

    During the diversity week at Kellogg, GCC presents the Greater China Carnival – one of the most popular cultural event. The Greater China Carnival is an entirely student run festival featuring student dances, talk shows, Kungfu performance, traditional Chinese games and festivities. GCC members spend many hours leading, directing, recruiting, and rehearsing their own shows to showcase the diverse and engaging Chinese culture to the Kellogg community. Most importantly, everyone says they have the most fun at the Greater China Carnival.