Our Perspectives


Bitcoin's Correlation with Tech Stocks - Andrew Chang-Gu ('23)

Fintech@Kelogg's Andrew Chang-Gu ('23), writes about correlation trends between Bitcoin (BTC) and Tech Stocks & the NASDAQ, and what this means for the FinTech industry and investment community.

Algorithmic Stablecoins: The Fool’s Gold of De-Fi? - Marcel Wolff ('22)

Fintech@Kellogg's VP of Knowledge, Marcel Wolff, writes about whether algorithmic stablecoins can lead to a path of success in the FinTech industry.

Coinbase, Direct Listings, and the Legitimacy of Crypto - Adam Rubinsky ('22)

Fintech@Kellogg's President, Adam Rubinsky, writes about the Coinbase IPO, and what this means for the legitimacy of crypto to a wider market of investors and financial market participants.

Our Inaugural FinTech Trek to NYC - Shubhendra Agrawal ('21)

The trek visited 5 companies: Visa Innovation Studio, CommonBond, Betterment, Plaid, and OnDeck Capital. We chatted with two trek participants, Xavier Martinez ('21) and Ice Sappisarnkul ('21), to learn more about their experience.

Quantum Computing: Is it the end of blockchain? - Ajitesh Abhishek ('20)

Quantum computing, because of it’s massive computational power, could in theory break today’s public key cryptography, and hence threaten the security of today's blockchains.

How FinTech can help women overcome the financial inclusion gender gap in developing countries - Faeron Meldrum-Taylor ('19)

Women face several kinds of barriers to accessing bank accounts. FinTech solutions offer ways to address the identification barrier, mitigate collateral or credit history issues, and even help women feel more comfortable in traditional bank settings.

Decentralized Stablecoin Is Here To Stay - Nat Wittayatanaseth ('18)

Stablecoin may have opened up a new era where money can move freely with no limitations on exchange and interest rates.


Firm Focus: Creditas with Guegs '21

Fintech@Kellogg's Shubhendra Agrawal speaks with first year Guilherme Franzoni (a.k.a. Guegs) '21 about his work at Creditas and the macro-economic system in Brazil that paved its way to success.

Firm Focus: Mosaique with Mehdi Zhiri and Pierre Tamisier

This podcast episode ventures into the world of capital market where a new start-up - Mosaique's founders Mehdi and Pierre speak about how they are using the Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology to revolutionize the post-trade processes.

Firm Focus: Ascent RegTech with Brian Clark

Fintech@Kellogg's Faeron Meldrum-Taylor speaks with Brian Clark, CEO and co-founder of Ascent RegTech about regulation in financial services and how AI can help firms across industries manage compliance.

Firm Focus: Visa with Abhishek Ravi '20

Fintech@Kellogg's Faeron Meldrum-Taylor and Julia Osorio speak with first year Abhishek Ravi '20 about his work at Visa Singapore and innovation in the payments industry in Asia and the US.

Professor Spotlight: P2P Lending with Professor Markovich

Fintech@Kellogg's Jon Cambras ('18) discusses the latest trends in the peer to peer lending space with Kellogg Professor Sarit Markovich.

Career Advice: Start-up Recruiting with Ryan McCargar ('18)

Fintech@Kellogg's Jon Cambras ('18) chats with Kellogg second year Ryan McCargar '18 about his fintech job search journey.