Finance Major

The finance curriculum at Kellogg provides students with a knowledge base and a set of practical tools that are essential to a variety of careers as well as personal investing. Many of the students that major in finance intend to pursue careers in finance. These range from the investment side of finance (asset management for large institutions or for family offices, real estate investing, private wealth management) to the corporate finance side of finance (CFO, investment banking, private equity, venture capital). A number of students who are not pursuing a finance career also major in finance (consulting, entrepreneurship, product manager).

The curriculum begins by building the basic tools of finance and intuition you will need for your career and the advanced courses in Finance 1 and 2 (or ACF). The advanced courses allow you to focus and provide practice applying the mechanics and intuition to increasingly complex and real-world applications. The department also offers a set of experiential courses that let you practice in non-classroom environments.

The major requirements and links to descriptions of each course are listed below. Students interested in accelerating their finance studies can find information on class waivers here. If you have additional questions, reach out to the finance faculty.

Major requirements are determined by the quarter you began your Kellogg MBA program. Any new courses and adjustments to the major displayed in the most recent academic year can be applied to previously matriculated students.

A student must earn at least FOUR credits (in any combination of half-and full-credit courses) from the courses listed below to complete the major. Only one Lab credit can count toward the major.

ONE course credit from the following list:

FINC-431-0 Finance II

FINC-440-0 Accelerated Corporate Finance

At least ONE course credit from the following list of Capital Market courses:

FINC-444-0 Value Investing

FINC-450-0 Capital Markets

FINC-465-0 Derivative Markets

FINC-470-0 International Finance

FINC-473-0 Macroeconomic Policy and Global Capital Markets

TWO ADDITIONAL COURSE CREDITS from the Capital Markets courses listed above or from the following list, except that only one of the lab courses FINC-615, FINC-639, or FINC 910 may count towards the major:

FINC-442-0 Financial Decisions

FINC-445-0 Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital

FINC-447-0 Financial Strategy and Tax

FINC-448-0 M&As, LBOs and Corporate Restructuring

FINC-454-0 Real Estate Finance and Investments

FINC-455-0 Applied Real Estate Finance and Investments

FINC-456-0 Asset Management Practicum I

FINC-457-0 Asset Management Practicum II

FINC-458-0 Asset Management Practicum III

FINC-459-0 Asset Management Practicum IV

FINC-461-0 Investment Banking

FINC-472-0 Wall Street, Hedge Funds and Private Equity

FINC-477-0 Global Entrepreneurial Finance

FINC-478-5 Financial Modeling for Leveraged Buyout Transactions

FINC-484-5 Managing Firms for Shareholders and Society: Thought Leadership Seminar

FINC-615-0 Venture Lab (V-Lab)

FINC-639-0 Private Equity Lab (PE Lab)

FINC-910-0 Asset Management Lab

FINC-946-0 Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance

FINC-965-5 Blockchain Technology, Digital Assets, and the Future of Finance

FINC-980-5 Venture Investing (San Francisco Immersion Program Only)

FINC-982-5 Advanced Topics in Venture Investing (San Francisco Immersion Program Only)