DIY Kellogg

Our mission: to create a virtual community that connects Kellogg across programs, supports student life in virtual engagement, and provides a platform for members to share in fun extracurricular experiences.


Our Activities

DIY Kellogg is about bringing a little (virtual) normalcy back to our lives - meeting new people, hearing their stories, and connecting over shared experiences. Here's what we offer: 

Channel-wide events
Podcast discussion groups, game nights, panels with star professors, and more

One-on-one coffee chats
A random pairing with anyone in the Slack channel #diy_kellogg to help grow your Kellogg network

Networking pods
Groups of 4-5 students across FT and EW programs that get to know each other on a deeper level









Our Team

Andrew Stuart

Events & Activities

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Exclusive Updates

Get event recordings, follow up interviews with star panelists, and more exclusive content in the News section.

Networking Pods

The survey to get matched into a networking pod is in the Pods section. Come join in the fun!