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Welcome to the Kellogg Asian Management Association (AMA)!


Our Vision
Provide students with an inclusive Asian-affiliated community at Kellogg to promote cultural understanding and help them explore career opportunities and build strong networks among the club's members, alumni, and Asian business leaders.

What we do?
: Provide an inclusive community for all Asian-affiliated students (Asian internationals and Asian-Americans) through social events and career/academic mentorship support program
Connection: Build strong relationships with Asian-affiliated communities in the extended Kellogg network, including alumni and prospective students
Collaboration: Promote Asian culture and integration within the greater Kellogg community through cross-collaboration events with other Kellogg cultural & professional clubs


Feel free to browse through our site to see what we’ve been up to!  Contact us at

The 2016-2017 AMA Leadership Team

President: Nics Asawasudsakorn
Vice President: Johng Won Choi
Directors, Marketing: Christine Chen, Tom Fukugawa
Directors, Careers/Academics: Gus Bahng, Justin Jang, Shin Hara
Directors, Social: Wan
Chitratsenee, Ilhwan Jo, Kapau Sriwattanangkoon, Kelvin Tsai, Selena Wang
Directors, External Relations: Er-si An, John Chyan, Daniel Noh
Director, Finance: Taku Asano


Asian Management Association