CIM 2024

Culture is Made!


Hello New Kellogg Students and JVs,

On behalf of our entire community, I welcome you to Kellogg. I am excited for the start of your remarkable journey!

Kellogg prides itself on bringing together high-impact, low-ego individuals who lead with intentionality and a strong sense of purpose. Here, we believe that culture is made, and you are now the makers of this distinctive culture. You are here because we believe in you, and we believe that you are a person who works with others to create positive, lasting impact on the world around them.

My hope is that CIM will help you to be intentional in how you spend your time at Kellogg and help you build empathy for those around you. Don't take this journey alone. Reach out to your classmates both inside and outside of the classroom. Be vulnerable. Purposefully reflect on your experiences, share your views, and listen to your peers. Leave no one behind.

I look forward to seeing you on campus,

Francesca Cornelli