We are a satirical club - not a cereal club
(common mistake)

From the Executive Director and Executive Producer of Special K! we are honored to welcome you to Kellogg! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Special K! is a 40 year old Kellogg tradition in which a group of your fellow classmates get together to sing, dance, and play our instruments in a satirical revue show reflecting on making fun of all the things that make Kellogg, well…. Kellogg.

For many, Special K! is a highlight of the MBA experience. People laugh (a lot), some second years may cry (but let’s just try to pretend that we’re never graduating, ok?). The show is one of the great embodiments of Kellogg’s unique culture. The cast, band, tech crew, and digital shorts stars all collaborate and work hard to put on a hilarious and #highimpact show for the school’s community. This is the mission of Special K!

To give you a jumpstart on understanding the culture here in Heavanston, we have provided you with your very own copy of the “Kellogg (Sub)Urban Dictionary”. Included in this dictionary, you will find common terms used around the school and our own satirical take on them. The goal of this guide is to educate, entertain, and save you from having to ask what “KCC” means for the third time.

Lastly, if you have any interest in getting involved in Special K! as a cast member, musician, or in a behind-the-scenes capacity, let us know! Highlights of the different roles are included on the next page.

Enjoy the year! And in the meantime, be sure to find us on Campus Groups for updates about this year’s show.

Meredith McKay (Executive Director)

Michael Simms (Executive Producer)