Kellogg's team-oriented and collaborative culture, as well as its top class academics and links to the industry have seen Kellogg alumni hold senior positions in many well-known media companies (Disney, Time Warner, NBCUniversal, CBS, etc.). The camaraderie that Kellogg builds among its students does not end upon graduation, but continuously grows into an unrivalled professional network.

Through industry speakers visiting campus, networking events, and educational sessions, the Media & Entertainment Club is here to help students learn about the media and entertainment industry and find their dream media job. Whether it's marketing and brand management at the Disney Channel or business development and corporate strategy at a movie studio or music company, students are well-positioned to take advantage of career opportunities during recruiting.


What Media and Entertainment companies recruit at Kellogg?

While many opportunities are sought off-campus or through club-led treks, companies such as Amazon, Activision-Blizzard, Sony, HBO, Disney, Spotify and NBCUniversal recruit through on-campus job postings and company presentations to students.

How large is the club?

Over 400 current students are enrolled in the club.

What type of events do you host?

Professional round-table discussions with media industry practitioners who visit campus to speak with students about current trends, recruiting, and Q&A sessions. Industry speakers like former NBC-Universal Chairman, Jeff Zucker, have also been hosted for Northwestern-wide student events.

Career treks to Los Angeles and New York where student trek leaders arrange meetings with several companies in each city for Q&A and relationship building events.

I am a career switcher. How feasible is it to land a job in the Media and Entertainment Industry?

Very much so! While certain positions such as strategy/business-development tend to require prior banking or consulting experience, positions in marketing or product management simply require industry knowledge and marketing/PM specific skills that may have been generated across industries other than entertainment.

What recruiting resources do you have available?

This year, the M&E Club committee has put together a codified knowledge resource for future students. It will contain information on recruiting tips, recent student employment experiences, and resources to apply for similar roles. Furthermore, the school's alumni directory and CMC internship database contains information on M&E industry points of contact and descriptions of students' recent work experience.

What does the alumni network look like?

Terrific. Despite our geographic location in the Midwest, the school's culture and tight-knit alumni network have forged strong communities in LA and NYC. We have alums across the spectrum in M&E industry roles and they're known to lend a helping hand and words of advice whenever they can.

Some notable alums include a former head of marketing at Warner Bros., a partner at digital media venture capital firm Greycroft Partners, a senior strategist at Pixar…and the list goes on.

Why should I join the Media and Entertainment Club at Kellogg?

It's a great way to get involved in the Kellogg community and shape your own experience and that of your classmates on campus. It brings together students interested in M&E from a professional and personal perspective, fostering collaborative approaches to recruiting and knowledge exchange on industry trends.

We're a fun group of people, passionate about M&E, and regularly organize events on/off campus to promote our brand within the M&E industries.

How can I join the club at Kellogg?

Simply join through Kellogg CampusGroups. The only restriction is that you must be a current Kellogg student to become a member.