Kellogg Student Association. 


The Kellogg Student Association (KSA) is the representative student group at Kellogg that works to coordinate these many activities on behalf of students. While every student is a member of the KSA, it is driven by the dedicated efforts of more than 150 elected leaders across six committees and the KSA Board.

Each student has the ability to run for a leadership role within the KSA starting in their first week at Kellogg, having both immediate and long-term impact on the current student experience and the direction of the school.


KSA Mission 

The Kellogg Student Association governs and supports student organizations, implements student led policies, and leads initiatives that improve the student experience and build the Kellogg brand. We do this in an effective, equitable, and transparent manner.


KSA Structure 

There are three main tiers to KSA's structure: KSA Executive Committee, KSA Board, and KSA Committees.