Careers Committee

Mission :

Engage with students and Career Management Center (CMC) staff to provide the best professional recruiting resources of any world-renowned business school

Role of Committee Members:

Partner with the CMC to:

  • Be a conduit between the student body and the CMC
  • Continuously improve the resources available to the student body by identifying and tackling pointed initiatives
  • Continuously improve the flow of information from the CMC to the student body

CMC Reps have the opportunity to make an impact through several current initiatives, including:

  • Club Coordination: Working with clubs and the CMC to ensure that clubs are providing better, more consistent resources for students across all industries and functions
  • Communications: Developing methods to streamline career-related communications and creating forums for students to communicate with each other regarding potential job opportunities and/or common interest areas
  • Coaching: Preparing students to make the most out of coaching sessions and providing recommendations for more efficient tracking of student information
  • Global Recruiting: Working with the Global Affairs committee to improve global recruiting resources, both for international students seeking domestic work and US students interested in working abroad
  • Workshops: Improving effectiveness of workshops by determining ways to improve attendance, obtaining student feedback, and providing recommendations to the CMC

2013-14 Priorities

  • Increase new CMC resource awareness and utilitization, especially for enterprise and international opportunities
  • Constant communication of guidelines, expectations, and benchmarks for first-year recruiting

Current Committee Members

 Kellogg Student Association

Kellogg Student Association