Resources and Opportunities

AMA offers several resources designed to help students along all facets of their Kellogg journeys. If you're a student looking for support or looking to help support others in the AMA community, reach out and get involved!

AMA Buddies

Ease your recruiting-related worries! Get paired with a second-year AMA buddy with experience recruiting in your target industry to be your resource and mentor throughout not only the recruiting process, but also for Kellogg in general. Details to be released to first-years late fall quarter.

2nd-years - sign-up to be an AMA buddy:

Course Selection Panels

AMA second-year students from a variety of industries and academic backgrounds host panels to help AMA members get the most out of their academics at Kellogg. Panelist share their gathered wisdom and provide pro-tips around course and major selection. Look for these panels on CampusGroups near course selection times.

Leadership Opportunities

We welcome both first-years and second-years to participate and lead within the AMA community. Opportunities include chances to lead different AMA events and to join the formal leadership positions available in the fall quarter to first-years and spring quarter to soon-to-be-second-years.