Date: April 10, 2016
Subject: Kellogg Bridging Cultures Club (KBCC) Newsletter!

Welcome to KBCC!

From Presidents CJ Chuapoco and James Larsen

We both consider ourselves lucky to have grown up in multicultural households. But while our upbringing gave us a unique perspective, it was a challenge to feel like we belonged. At Kellogg we have met many other cross-cultural students. Whether of mixed heritage, in mixed relationships, or having lived or worked abroad, many of us have wondered, “What group do I belong to and what does that mean for me?”

In starting KBCC, we aim to build a new community at Kellogg where people who have their feet planted in two worlds can connect, deepen their understanding of an increasingly globalized world, and learn to articulate and demonstrate the value of diverse perspectives to employers. We are excited and honored to be starting this new club which we hope will serve as a home and platform for Kellogg’s cross-cultural students. We look forward to having you join us in building this community!

KBCC General Interest Meeting

KBCC had its first general meeting the first week of the quarter, where we shared our mission and stories.

Our stories had common themes, like navigating the different identities and affiliations we have as multicultural people. We're excited to build this diverse community and share our perspectives with the greater Kellogg community!

If you want to get involved with KBCC, sign up on Campus Groups, join our leadership, share your ideas about what you'd like to see from us, and participate and educate!

Upcoming Events: MOSAIC Week

Multiracial People and Interracial Relationships in Media
Thursday, April 21st @ 12:15 PM

Remember the Cheerios commercial that caused a big uproar in 2013? Wait... Cheerios caused controversy?

In today's increasingly diversified and globalized world, brands and companies are having to contend with issues across cultures, races, and religions. Kellogg Bridging Cultures Club is partnering with the Media and Entertainment Club to present a discussion of portrayals of multiracial people and interracial relationships in media, the public responses those portrayals have received, and what this means for organizations operating in today's increasingly globalized society.

Register today on Campus Groups!

Get Involved with KBCC!

1. Sign up on Campus Groups!

2. Take on a leadership role. We have opportunities to build out External / Corporate Relations, Programming, and Professional Development. Email CJ and James if interested!

3. Share your ideas about how we can help you and what programming you want to see from us.

4. Participate and educate!

We loved seeing your amazing spring break multicultural moments all over social media!

Here are a few of our favorites:







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