Kellogg Ski Trip | December 13-19, 2018

Aspen Snowmass, Colorado



Most important details:

  • Dates: December 13-19, 2018 after winter quarter final exams
  • Where: Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

Basic Registration Information:

When is Kellogg Ski and Snowboard Trip?

The 2018 trip is December 13-19 after final exams.

How does registration work?

There are three phases of registration:

  1. Sign up for the trip. On 10/15, you will lock down your spot on the trip. This includes all lodging, *ground* transportation, night parties, and apres. The trip cost does not include lift tickets *or flights*.
  2. Select your ski package. After you have a spot, you will select your ski package: how many days of lift tickets you need, if you want rentals, and if you want to take a lesson. This will re-open on 11/12.
  3. Sign-up for day activities. Lastly, you will be able to sign up for a range of optional day activities (e.g., snowmobiling, hiking, yoga, brewery tours, etc.). This will open on 11/12.

Who can go on the trip?

The trip is open to Full-Time Kellogg students and their significant others (JV’s). You may NOT bring a friend, sibling, etc. as your JV. Dishonestly registering a sibling, relative, or someone else means that your fellow Kellogg students miss out on this great opportunity. Anybody caught trying to do so will have their spot on Ski Trip revoked, with no refund.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

No. Spots on Ski Trip are non-transferrable and there are no exceptions.

We reserve the right to cancel from the trip anyone caught having transferred their ticket, with no refund.

What happens if I need to cancel or I can't attend ski trip anymore?

For rising 2nd years who pre-registered in May, if you cancel before July 31st, you will get $100 of your $200 deposit back. All Pre-registrants who cancel after July 31st will not receive the $200 deposit back. If you Pre-Registered and need to cancel your spot, please follow these instructions:

  • Log in to profile at gw.skisync.com
  • Navigate over to “View Invoice”
  • Scroll to bottom of page and click on “Request to Cancel Trip” button

Please note, full trip cost is due at Registration on Oct 15th (or before for those who pre-registered). If you cancel your trip after full registration, you will lose the cost of the trip. Therefore, if you think you might have to cancel closer to the trip, please purchase trip insurance when you register. It's available through SkiSync when you register, or you're welcome to seek trip insurance through another method (see more about trip insurance below and in the Cancellation waiver on the SkiSync egistration page).

Is travel insurance available?

Travel Insurance is purchasable through SkiSync at General Registration, or when you paid your trip balance in October. Insurance offers many benefits, and is managed by a third-party insurance company. For a complete description of benefits, please see the SkiSync website to review the complete policy document. Note that all questions/claims regarding this insurance should be directed to the insurance company, and not to the Kellogg Ski Club.

You are also welcome to purchase your own trip insurance through a third-party provider. We highly recommend this in case your plans change.

How do I get to and from Aspen-Snowmass?

There are three airports to fly into to get to Aspen-Snowmass.

  • Denver (DEN) is our recommended airport, and the airport from which we will providing transportation to/from Ski Trip. It is ~4 hours from Snowmass Village.
  • Aspen–Pitkin County (ASE) is the closest at a whopping 12 minutes from Snowmass Village where hotel shuttles are available to pick you up.
  • Eagle Colorado (EGE) is a third option, ~1.5 hours from Snowmass Village. Car services are available for hire; we will NOT be providing a bus from Eagle.

AFTER you’ve secured a spot to ski trip, you’re welcome to book a flight whenever you want. Just make sure your flight arrives before 3:00PM on 12/13, and departs after Noon on 12/19, if you plan to use Kellogg Ski Trip shuttle buses.

Bus transportation will be included for the following legs of the trip:

  • 12/13: Evanston to Chicago airports (ORD, MDW)
  • 12/13: Denver to Aspen
  • 12/19: Aspen to Denver

When can I book a flight?

After you’ve secured a spot to ski trip, you’re welcome to book a flight whenever you want. Just make sure your flight arrives in Denver before 3:00PM on 12/13, and departs Denver after 12pm on 12/19, if you plan to use Kellogg Ski Trip shuttle buses. It’s highly recommended that you arrive earlier in that window rather than later as you'll have plenty to do in Aspen (registration, grabbing rentals, and our AMAZING welcome party starting at 8PM).

Can I arrive later/earlier than the set dates?

Yes. If you are shortening your stay, you will still pay for the same base package. Lift tickets are not included in the base package but will be an add-on (1-5 days available for purchase at discounted rates).

If you are arriving early, you may get additional discounted lift tickets / rentals. Lodging, lift tickets and rentals after ski trip are your responsibility. Additionally, the club will not be responsible for arranging or paying for ground transportation if you travel on days other than the pre-determined dates of the trip.

We do not have any lodging to provide prior to the trip. We recommend you look into a hotel, airbnb or VRBO.

My JV wants to come for part of the trip, can he/she?

Yes, but as noted before, no pro-rating or discounts will be available. JV's should also make sure they are part of Campus Groups to receive the registration link, and will also need their significant other’s Student Kellogg NetID (e.g. abc123) to register.

Can I bring my child?

Yes! We've chosen a great location for kids. Pricing will vary based on the size of the lodging needed based on the number of children you bring. It will be approximately $500 (for the additional lodging cost) to bring a child.

Please reach out to kelloggskiclub2018@gmail.com if you are considering bringing a child / children. It is critical that you reach out before registration begins. Please note – all evening parties and social events are adults-only, so you will need to arrange for your own childcare. Lift ticket and lesson prices for children are below.

Activities and Accommodations

What activities are included in the trip?

A comprehensive schedule of day and nighttime activities has been released to attendees via email. Please note that lift tickets are NOT included in the $1,049 base cost.

Can I exchange activites with classmates after activity registration closes?

Yes, activities may be exchanged with classmates. Please see the Slack channel #ski_trip_marketplace as we get closer to the trip to exchange ACTIVITIES with other ski trip attendees.

Tell me more about the social schedule...

The social schedule, including tentative party timing and themes has been released to attendees via email.

If I don't ski, can I still go and will I have fun?

YES! This year’s ski trip is an amazing destination fit for both skiers and non-skiers alike. Also, don’t worry, you won’t be alone – there are always plenty of your classmates who are also non-skiers and the social committee will arrange daily non-ski activities. But, it's also a great time to learn to ski or snowboard since you won't be the only adult on the bunny slopes!

What additional activities can I sign up for?

You can look forward to activities similar to those in past trips such as snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, yoga classes, spa days, cooking classes, distillery tours, wine tastings, ice skating, bowling, horseback riding, and more. Plus the après and all night parties are accessible to people who do not ski or snowboard.

When can I sign up for activities and ski lessons?

Activity Registration opens Monday, November 12th at 12:15pm CST and will stay open until Wednesday, November 14 at 11:59pm CST on the Ski Sync website. Space is limited for some activities, so make sure you are on time to snag a spot!

Note: Lift tickets, lessons, and rental pricing can be viewed in your SkiSync account. We strongly recommend waiting until after you select your day activities as those might impact the number of days you choose to ski. You will have until Wednesday, November 14th to make changes.


1. Log on to the SkiSync website

2. Navigate to the middle of the page and click on the "Update Trip Details" blue button

1. Step 1: Skier/Snowboarder Options (Rental, Lifts, Lessons). Click Next.

2. Step 2: Add-Ons and Activities (T-shirts, Non-skier activities)

3. Select the activities you’d like to add to your invoice

4. Click SAVE (found at the top and bottom of the page)

5. Pay balance due by clicking on the blue button labeled “Make Payment"

IMPORTANT: You must click ‘SAVE’ and complete payment information to secure your spot - just adding activities does not complete registration.

Note: there is NO WAITLIST for activity registration. Only sign up for activities you are sure you will attend - activities are non-refundable but fully exchangeable. You are also welcome to plan events on your own in and around Aspen!

What are the accommodations going to be like?

We will have all condos and houses for all Ski Trip guests at the base of Snowmass Mountain. Accomodation sizes vary from 4-10+ people. You should will receive more information via email on the lodging process and condo sizes after ski trip regisration in the fall.

Logistics - Lift Tickets, Rentals, Lessons and More

Are lift tickets included in Ski Trip and how much are they? What if I have a ski pass?

The base cost of Ski Trip does not include skiing. Lift tickets for Ski Trip can be purchased or removed in daily increments (secured for Kellogg Ski Trip attendees at a substantial discount). If you have a mountain pass (i.e., IKON, Epic Pass) and do not need additional lift tickets, you can select 0 days of skiing for $0 and the price of lift tickets will not be applied to your ski trip cost.

Below is the sliding scale for lift tickets during ski trip in Aspen Snowmass.

  • 0 days: $0
  • 1 day: $70
  • 2 days: $125
  • 3 days: $185
  • 4 days: $245
  • 5 days: $300

Can I use my lift tickets on any days during Ski Trip?

Yes, your 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, day tickets can be used on any days of Ski Trip ... There are no restrictions (such as 3 out of 4 consecutive days).

How much are rentals and lessons? Tell me more about Ski Rentals Packages...

Everyone gets to choose their rental package. Base package includes a helmet.

During online registration, you will fill out your height, weight, and level of experience. You will also choose which rental package you’d like.

You will be informed which rental location in the village you will pick up your rentals at during registration at Ski Trip. You will be assigned to the rental location based on your housing. In an effort to reduce rental pickup time, each rental shop will pull and set aside your rental package.

How much are lift tickets and rentals for children?

2018 pricing for children to come.

If we want to switch between skiing and snowboarding, will that be available when we rent equipment?

During the week you can switch equipment if you would like. Go to the rental store and ask to switch. We discourage you to sign up for ski’s and then switch to a snowboard on registration/rental day as that will significantly slow down the process. Mid-week is fine though!

If we book ski lessons, do we decide which days we take them once we're there?

We will ask you for your lesson day when you sign up. If for some reason you need to switch days please contact us and we can work to get you sorted. We will not allow people to switch lesson days once the trip has started.

Can we book ski lessons in Aspen Snomwass or are these prices only available through prebooking?

You can book lessons when you arrive, however you will pay the full price. These discount prices are only available through the SkiSync portal ahead of time.

Costs and Other Questions

How much will the trip cost?

The base cost of the trip is $1,049 which includes the following:

  • Transportation to Chicago Airport and from Denver to Aspen
  • 6 Nights of Premium Lodging
  • Large Social Activities each day and night to include: light food, drinks, and entertainment
  • Transportation around the town of Aspen
  • Lots of free swag from our corporate sponsors

Note: the base cost of the trip does NOT include lift tickets, which can be purchased later in the quarter, during activity registration. See lift ticket section of FAQs for sliding scale pricing breakdown.

This trip cost DOES NOT include:

  • Flights to and from the resort
  • Lift tickets (available at significant discount during activity registration)
  • Optional day activities ranging from boozy brunches to snowmobiling
  • Ski or snowboard rental equipment
  • Ground transportation if you arrive or depart before/after the official Ski Trip dates

Can I get a reduced price if I don’t drink?

Unfortunately, there is no reduction of price for those who don’t drink.The vast majority of expenses for Ski Trip are fixed costs related to lodging, venue and equipment rentals, transportation, talent & DJ booking fees, etc. rather than on alcohol. If you consider Ski Trip as a ‘bundle of goods,’ there is inevitably underlying variability in the extent that each student utilizes each of these different ‘goods.’ We have tried to facilitate cost/consumption matching wherever possible – students book their own flights; lift tickets, rentals, lessons, and individual day activities are purchased a la carte; and students make their own food and beverage choices for the majority of the trip. However, in a group of almost 1,000 people, it's impossible for us to perfectly match cost to consumption on every variable – not everyone will attend every social event, people eat and drink different amounts at events, the use of provided transportation will vary, there is a range of lodging costs, etc.

Open food & beverage provided at our social events is one of those costs for which we cannot differentiate consumption on an individual basis – the structure of our contracts and agreements with vendors is based on total headcount and assumed average consumption.

On a more positive note, every aspect of Ski Trip is being made available at a substantial discount (majority exceeding 50%) vs. what is available to the general public. Even if you don’t plan on drinking, we hope that you will enjoy the substantial value presented by the trip as a whole.

Can I get a reduced price if I don’t utilize the transportation?

As with the social events, there is also some variety in the number of people who use the transportation, including those who take busses to the airport, on the ground at the resort, etc. Unfortunately, we are not able to break this cost out per person.

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