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Contact Speakers Bureau for Preliminary Review

Please include:

  • Speaker’s name, title, and company
  • Student club information
  • Date and time of speaking event (if a specific date and time are known in advance)
  • Any notes regarding your relationship with the speaker, or the speaker’s expertise, that may be helpful to the internal review process

Within one week:

  • The Speakers Bureau will conduct a preliminary review.
  • You will receive approval, or a request for additional information.
  • You will be notified if additional coordination within Kellogg or additional review is required. 



  • The preliminary review helps prevent the occurrence of internal conflicts, such as multiple invitations to the same speaker from different clubs.
  • During the review, any broader Kellogg initiatives related to the speaker are quickly identified for consideration.
  • The Speakers Bureau can also help identify strategic alignments that may support your ask, such as known connections to a speaker – particularly helpful if you do not already have a relationship.
  • The Speakers Bureau will alert you and provide you with guidance in these situations.



Invite Speaker and Schedule

  • ›Send invitation to speaker.



  • Be clear in your goals for the speaker’s engagement and the ask of the speaker, i.e. amount and type of preparation required, length of talk
  • Copy the speaker’s assistant on all correspondence.
  • Regularly follow up to keep the ask warm, close the loop and schedule.
  • Check Campus Groups to ensure there are no competing events or that competitors are not speaking concurrently.

Upon reply:

  • Confirm schedule as soon as possible.
  • If flight arrangements or lodging needed, arrange as soon as possible. 
  • If speaker is making own arrangements, request a copy of the itinerary in order to track flights – especially helpful in the case of weather or other travel delays adjacent to the speaking date.

If no reply:

  • Within one week, send first follow up.
  • Within two weeks, send second follow up or call (dependent on relationship with speaker).




  • If you have not received a reply after several communications and would like assistance with outreach or recommending an alternative speaker option, the Speakers Bureau may be able to help.


Confirm Details and Communicate

  • ›Confirm speaker event information via e-mail.

Please include:

  • Student club name and description
  • Date, start and end time, suggested arrival time
  • Location, including building name, street address, and room, if available




  • Send calendar invite from Outlook, to both the speaker and the speaker’s assistant, with the above details.
  • Confirm receipt by the speaker and/or acceptance on their calendar.
  • Schedule a prep call 4-6 weeks in advance of the visit.
  • If the speaker is an alumnus or alumna, his or her graduation year should be included in all marketing material (e.g. John Smith ’89, President, ABC Corporation).


  • › Reserve a classroom for your event.




  • Include an extra 15 minutes before and after your event for setup and break down.
  • Wait for email confirmation of your request before announcing the room of your event.
  • Reconfirm in Campus Groups that there are no competing events or that competitors are not speaking concurrently.  New events are added daily.


Please include:

  • Date, time, location and title of the speaking event
  • Speaker’s name, title, company, and email
  • Speaker’s assistant’s name and email




  • The Speakers Bureau will queue a thank you from Dean Blount via email following the speaking event.
  • For senior level and influential advocates for the school, a faculty, dean or senior administrator may stop by and greet your guest.



Advance Preparations

  • ›Share additional information with speaker prior to prep call.

Please include:

  • No. of students attending event
  • Event title and description
  • Goals for speaker’s engagement with the group
  • Format:  keynote, fireside chat, lunch & learn, alumni panel, workshop
  • Preference for materials:  slides / no slides, handouts
  • Information on planned WebEx, recording, photography or media, if any
  • Total talk time v. Q&A time
  • Relevant background materials, if any (i.e. if a series, feedback from past events)
  • Hold prep call with speaker.

Please make sure to:

  • Address any questions on information provided in advance of call
  • Identify speaker’s preferred presentation style (i.e. candid v. formal remarks, serious in tone v. humorous) - consider within framework of the speaking event
  • Ask if speaker uses a Mac (if slides will be used) or requires security
  • Address any topic areas that are off-limits or should be avoided
  • Inquire about special needs (i.e. wheelchair access) or requests
  • Share information on getting to campus and parking, how to dress
  • Request speaker’s cell phone for any day-of needs
  • Set a date now to reconnect, for delivery by the speaker of draft materials or remarks (suggest 2 weeks in advance)




  • Inviting the speaker to meet with you for 20-30 minutes in advance provides a great opportunity to get comfortable and “warm up” before the speaking event
  • Slides prepared on a Mac can be tricky, even in the Hub.  Request more lead time to review speaker slides (and test with KIS) if prepared on a Mac.
  • ›Distribute information gathered immediately after the call.

Contacts may include:

  • Student Life administration (parking permit)
  • Local hotel (lodging)
  • KIS (slides and A/V needs)
  • Facilities (classroom setup)
  • Speakers Bureau (questions, concerns, or special notes)
  • NU Security
  • ›Send a follow-up email to the speaker with any transportation, parking or other instructions discussed.  Reiterate agreed upon date to reconnect and check in.
  • ›Determine who will introduce the speaker, who will close the events, and who will greet and escort the speaker.


Final Check In

  • ›Email speaker to check in.

Please make sure to:

  • Ask if the speaker has any questions on preparations, if draft copy of remarks / slides are available (offer to share feedback and input).
  • If you prefer a special gift for the speaker, request, order or purchase now.




  • The Speakers Bureau maintains a stock of 4-count boxes of premium chocolates in Student Life in the Global Hub, and on the Wieboldt and Miami campuses.
  • The chocolates are exclusively for the purpose of faculty, staff and students to share with guest speakers on campus.  “Guest speakers” include Kellogg alumni returning to campus to speak, but does not include current faculty, staff or students of Kellogg, NU or other universities.
  • Gifts can also be purchased through personal or club SOFO funds, when available, from the Kellogg Emporium.



  • ›Send a quick note to the speaker sharing excitement about upcoming visit.

Please include:

  • Important reminders on address, where to meet, arrival time, talk time, what to bring, dress, and your contact (mobile) number for any day of questions
  • Reconfirm with KIS, Facilities, Speakers Bureau, Student Life or other departments, any special needs that were being coordinated.
  • ›Pick up box of chocolates from Student Life.  Purchase bottles of water for speaker.

Have prepared:

  • Visitor expense form and W-9 form if expense reimbursement(s) are anticipated
  • Speaker’s headshot, if you are unfamiliar with the speaker, for identification
  • Speaker’s bio (and personal tidbits, if any) for introduction
  • Speaker’s cell phone number for any day-of needs



  • › Put bottled water and box of chocolates (or other gift) in the room for speaker. 
  • › Prepare speaking area, i.e. make sure the AV is ready, chairs are placed correctly.
  • ›Confirm locations of restrooms closest to classroom, building entry, other locations where speaker will visit.
  • ›Confirm any other special requests have been met.




  • On the day of the engagement, have with you the speaker’s bio, photo, and cell phone number.
  • Greet speaker upon arrival in lobby (for some guests, the Speakers Bureau may also schedule a greeter, dependent on strategic alignments – in that case, the Speakers Bureau will notify you at least 2 weeks in advance).
  • Ask the speaker if they need anything upon arrival, offer use of the restroom so they can freshen up right away and feel comfortable.
  • If schedule permits, meet with the speaker for 20-30 minutes first.
  • Be prepared with a thoughtful introduction of the speaker.  Avoid reading verbatim from the speaker’s bio.
  • At the end of the event, present the speaker with a gift (i.e. box of chocolates). 
  • Escort the speaker to the door as s/he departs whenever possible.



Thanks and Communications Post-Visit

  • ›Email the speaker the same day while details are still fresh, to thank them, and with any other follow up you need.

Please include:

  • Visitor expense form, W-9 form, and instructions, if applicable
  • Request for original or scanned receipts
  • Request speaker’s feedback on the overall experience
  • For quality speakers and/or speakers with strong industry connections
    • Gauge speaker interest in returning to campus to speak again
    • Consider asking if they’d recommend a colleague to speak for your student club or through another channel within Kellogg

Please include:

  • Feedback from the speaker, if any
  • Your comments on speaker performance, quality and/or general content.  (This will be stored for internal purposes only.)
  • If the student club will do an evaluation, please share the results with the Speakers Bureau following intake.




  • The Speakers Bureau drafts thank you notes for all external speakers, and coordinates with the Dean’s Office to be sent from the Dean’s accounts.
  • Thank you emails are carefully drafted to reflect specific criteria (alumni status, repeat speaker status, type of event, etc.). They are only personalized for personal connections of the Dean or in specific, pre-determined circumstances. 
  • It is still strongly recommended that a custom thank you note is sent the day of the event, by the host, as the Dean’s emails are sent within 2 weeks of visit.