Marketing Internship Prep Series: Marketing to Millennials

by Kellogg Marketing Club (KMC)


Thu, 30 Mar 2017

12:15 PM – 1:15 PM

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2211 Campus Drive, Evanston, Illi 60208, United States

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With Jeff Fromm, President of FutureCast, a marketing consultancy specializing in millennial data analytics, trends and insights.
The numbers cannot be ignored: 80 million Millennials wielding $200 billion in buying power are entering their peak earning and spending years. Companies that think winning their business is a simple matter of creating a Twitter account and applying outdated notions of “cool” to their advertising are due for a rude awakening. Come learn about this generation of consumers and how to earn their trust and loyalty. Based on original market research, the presentation will reveal the attitudes shared by most Millennials, as well as the new rules for engaging them successfully. Featuring expert interviews and profiles of brands doing Millennial marketing right, this eye-opening presentation will show you the keys to persuading the customers who will determine the bottom line for decades to come.
Although not a Millennial as defined by his age, Jeff Fromm is the Millennial Marketing Guy. Jeff is President of FutureCast, a marketing consultancy that specializes in Millennial trends, and is a contributing writer at Forbes.com. Jeff is also a frequent speaker on marketing, consumer trends and brand innovation. Jeff has spent significant time researching the Millennial audience and is the co-author of “Marketing to Millennials” (2013) and “Millennials with Kids” (2015). Jeff has more than 25 years of marketing consulting experience with dozens of brands ranging from Build-a-Bear to Whole Foods Market.

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2211 Campus Drive, Evanston, Illi 60208, United States

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Kellogg Marketing Club (KMC)

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