Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Overall Committee Objectives

  • Serve as the liaison between Kellogg E&W administration and students for issues involving inclusion.
  • Function as representative for diversity within the student population when no supporting student club exists.
  • Collaborate with E&W admissions to develop and implement recruiting strategies that will support inclusive representation.
  • Increase awareness of diversity practices as it applies to business.
  • Serve as diversity and inclusion consultants within the E&W KSA and E&W clubs.

2021 - 2022 Goals

Our Campus

Further develop an admissions environment that encourages prospective students from different backgrounds to pursue their MBA at Kellogg. Once here, ensure that all students have a platform to help promote their initiatives wherever possible.

Professional Opportunities

Work with the Alumni Relations and Career Management committees to organize and invite and encourage alumni from various backgrounds to speak and recruit at Kellogg.

Be A Platform

Partner with the administration & Kellogg student groups to host events to educate and promote the diverse student body at Kellogg.

Questions? Want to join our committee? Please contact Nedra Lucas at nedra.lucas@kellogg.northwestern.edu