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What is Kellogg Corps?

Kellogg Corps is the international pro-bono consulting organization for the Kellogg School of Management.

It was founded in 1996 to connect social impact-oriented organizations in the developing world with Kellogg students. These projects provide Kellogg students and graduates with opportunities for experiential learning and to contribute to compelling work on pressing social issues by placing small teams of volunteers on two- or four-week consulting projects over the summer with non-profit organizations and social enterprises in developing countries worldwide. Past projects have focused on the areas of microfinance, education, children’s health, and sustainability, and in locations such as Nicaragua, Ecuador, South Africa, India and Indonesia.

Kellogg Corps aspires to:

1. Help social impact-oriented organizations achieve their goals by fostering long-term relationships and providing short-term volunteers capable of lending meaningful business support year after year.

2. Help Kellogg students and graduates gain global perspective and become socially responsible leaders by scoping meaningful strategic and operational consulting projects around the world

3. Help Kellogg alumni by creating opportunities for fellowship with other socially-minded alumni and providing social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and board members with a means to enlist Kellogg Corps volunteers to support their organizations.