Join other partners, significant others and families of Kellogg students and learn more about the opportunities available to you as a "Joint Venture" (JV).


Established in 1982, Kellogg Joint Ventures is the official club for the loved ones of students attending Kellogg. Like you, we are the spouses and partners of students, and we’re a dedicated network that is here to help.


The JV Exec Team and club members aim to facilitate a smooth transition to life at Kellogg for JV newcomers and continue to provide mutual support throughout your stay. We hope to make your time at Kellogg an enriching and memorable experience.

Activities for JVs include lunches and dinners, social get-togethers, cultural events, career development assistance, and meaningful volunteer opportunities. We maintain a strong integration with the entire Kellogg community and hold joint activities with other clubs from time to time.

Who our website is for

This website was created to provide information and help our Joint Ventures in every stage of their journey at Kellogg.

Prospective JVs                                    Incoming JVs                                Current JVs

Prospective JVs can discover what Kellogg and Northwestern University can offer to them in order to make the best decision. This journey can be rich and meaningful. You can keep growing in every aspect with an environment full of opportunities and open doors. We highly recommend you to visit Evanston and participate in DAK (Day at Kellogg). You can find everything you need to know about that experience here as well.

Incoming JVs can find newcomer resources and helpful information to settle down and get involved as much as possible. You can get answers to frequently asked questions and also communicate directly with the Kellogg Joint Ventures Club. Kellogg has a diverse and inclusive community from all over the world ready to welcome you. One of our main and first activities for you is KWEST and you can find information about it here.

Current JVs can attend to classes at Kellogg Management School for free and all that information is here. Every Joint Venture can create a profile on Campus Groups and stay fully informed through our Newsletter. They can also join most of the clubs and participate in their activities as any student. We encourage our JVs to share their experience at Kellogg by sending out testimonies and pictures to the Club.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov

    Friday Talks :: Acrylic painting workshop

    Learn how to use different types of brushes and mix acrylic paint (which can be used either as watercolour or oil paint), thus creating your own piece of art with a specific focus on nature's shapes (i.e. plants). For the best experience in class, please bring photos of plants that you will use as subjects for your painting. And wear clothes that can get dirty (expect some stains from the paint). About the artist: What started as a hobby became something increasingly strong and present in Mari Salmonson's life: the drawing! She illustrated campaigns, shop windows, murals, graffiti for companies in Sao Paulo and Florianopolis as well as for SOFAR Sounds Sao Paulo events. Through this, she discovered a new way of expressing her feelings and seeing the world. “When they ask me what my profession is, I answer: dream-maker. I dream, trace and explore every day new paths for my growth, and what I learn makes a difference on my future work" (Mari Salmonson,