Mentoring Kids for Success

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About Us

The mission of Mentoring Kids for Success is to develop socially, mentally and physically well-rounded students through a consistent message from the Kellogg community, thus preparing students to succeed in college and beyond.









About Us

Mentoring Kids for Success is one of the largest community service organizations at Kellogg, with more than 100 volunteers participating each year. Groups of students from Kellogg adopt classes at the Holy Angels School on Chicago's South Side. Groups spend one to two hours a month in the classroom, teaching students in grades K through 8 about topics ranging from personal finance, to the basics of operating a business, to lessons about different international cultures.

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Join our CampusGroup and our Slack channel #mentoringkidsforsuccess to stay up to date on volunteer and leadership opportunities with MKS and Holy Angels!

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Officers in our club are classroom leads. They mentor students, organize financial literacy lessons and work closely with our teachers. Our officers rely on and support each other.

Change Lives

The kids love time spent with Kellogg students. Your time spent with these students will be some of your best memories in the Chicagoland area.

Our Team

Ashley Sherman
Celia Ye
Antonio Borja Van der Velde Figueroa
Jonathan Corbin
John Stroud
Hailey Carter