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Welcome to the India Business Club at Kellogg!

The Kellogg India Business Club (IBC) is one of the largest regional clubs at Kellogg. It continues to meet its objective of encouraging collaboration among students, faculty and alumni who share an interest in topics related to India.

IBC has three main objectives:

  1. Professional Development
  • To engage business leaders to provide insights into the student community of Kellogg with opportunities to work in and /or with India.
  • Leverage network of Kellogg and Northwestern Faculty to focus on Business challenges and opportunities in India.
  • Provide mentorship, networking and recruiting support to the incoming class of Kellogg.
  1. Community Engagement
  • Engage with a broader Kellogg community to build a strong collaborative environment.
  • Engage with other business schools to leverage learning and collaborate on organizing business and social events.
  1. Social Development
  • To continue build awareness of Indian Culture in the broader Kellogg Community.
  • To organize social events throughout the year including Diwali, Holi, Bollywood Bash etc.


IBC Leadership Team