• Investment Banking Capital Markets is committed to the successful partnership between Kellogg students & investment banking firms. To ensure students interested in banking have broad access to banking, the club focuses on strengthening and expanding relationships with Kellogg alumni in investment banking, working alongside Finance faculty conducting groundbreaking research in capital markets, and partnering with the Career Management Center to build mutually beneficial relationships with global investment banks.

    Our mission is to provide the Kellogg community with information and expertise on all of the opportunities & options offered by a career in Investment Banking. We aim to prepare and develop future leaders on Wall Street who will play critical roles in the betterment of the global economy.

  • Cristina Hackley
    Co-President Email
  • Benjamin Tabbush
    Co-President Email
  • Robert Kneip
    VP of Mentorship Email
  • Bradley Cheng
    VP of Mentorship Email
  • Vikram Rajan
    Treasurer & VP of Operations Email
  • Sophie Li
    VP of Diversity Email
  • Andrew Campbell
    VP of Alumni Relations Email
  • Guilherme Ciancio Marcondes
    VP of Global Immersion Email
  • Siyao, Frank Fan
    VP of Global Immersion Email
  • David Hermanoff
    VP of Community & Partnerships Email
  • Zachary Harding-Laprade
    VP of Community & Partnerships Email
  • Mitchell Petersen
    Faculty Advisor Email
  • Bo Schultz
    VP of Private Wealth Management Email