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Welcome to the Growth and Scaling Club - Evening & Weekend MBA!


Our goal is to complement the curricular pathway and bring together students, faculty, and business leaders to innovate collectively around business growth strategy.  No matter your program, career path, or current academic focus, we welcome all backgrounds, as our events will target how to grow and scale as it pertains to differing company sizes, industries, and functional areas of running a business. We hope our events will equip you with the knowledge and skills to strategize, execute, and lead your organization to achieve the next level of growth and beyond.

To execute our goal we are bringing you events in three areas:

Formulating Strategy - Insights From the Experienced
Executing Strategy - Growth Skills
Leading Your Organization - Personal Growth


Have a skill you really want to learn that your coursework does not cover? Are you running a division and want more knowledge on mid-size scaling? Contact the Leadership Team - We would love to hear from you! 

Browse our website to learn more about our programming for the upcoming year.
Join us for our formal launch and first event in our "Insights From the Experienced" Series in January and hear from business leaders on how they overcame challenges to scale effectively - look for the posting on Kellogg Groups at the start of Winter Quarter!