Board Members
  • Hall Fess
    Co-President Email
  • Melissa Chananie
    Co-President Email
  • Max Krakauer
    VP Operations Email
  • Saed Salah
    VP Finance/Treasurer Email
  • Christine Cornellier
    VP - Marketing & Communications Email
  • Haider Tarar
    VP Treks Email
  • Alexandra Krall
    VP Academics & Engagement Email
  • Katia Kobylinski
    VP Career Email
  • Jonathan Shieh
    Director - Communications Email
  • Hannah Acharya
    Director - Panels Email
  • Martha Ginder
    Director - Social Impact Days Email
  • Anushka Bhatia
    Senior Member Email
  • Arjun Vedam
    Senior Member Email

Please don't hesitate to reach out via email or Slack with questions, ideas, or needs at #ew_netimpact_club