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Annual Kellogg 1871 Event

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Notes from the event:

  • 1871 houses 9 VC firms and has over 500 startups
  • Mike has a banking background, but wanted to do investing
    • currently VP of Investment for Levy Family Partners - Levy Family sold off sports business in 2006 and started doing family wealth investing
    • have invested in Bucketfeet and more recently in Pak'd and Aloha Poke
    • Assess what the problem the company is trying to solve and what is their competitive edge
    • Identifies what a pain point is vs. a problem and makes sure interests are aligned
    • Skills needed to be successful in VC: think of a different approach to investing, be creative and take a unique view
  • Nicole co-founded Brideside with a fellow Kellogg classmate
    • Nicole's inspiration came from being a bridesmaid while at Kellogg and after going through a tech accelerator, Brideside was launched raising $250k from family and friends
    • Did a lot of research and focus groups while at Kellogg
    • Realized it was going to be a long sales cycle, so focused on KPI's and remained optimistic - failure is not an option
    • Looks up to Rob Chesney of Trunk Club and his ability to pump up his sales team
    • It depends on the business and personalities, but for her business, two MBA co-founders worked as they had different personalities and skill sets; were able to do business competitions together to win some cash
    • Interviews investors the same way as employees; like having ex-operators as investors because they can empathize more
    • Chicago is the largest wedding market so made sense to start here and focus on the profitability model before expanding
    • If thinking about going to work for a startup, have to show high risk tolerance, suggested working there for free first to show commitment
  • Andrew did consulting post-Kellogg before co-founding Bluestein & Associates with his father in 2014
    • Did PE Lab while at Kellogg for McNally Capital where his dad was working at the time
    • Looks at business potential, value prop, business model, team, co-investors, has to believe in the business more than the entrepreneurs themselves
    • Skills needed to be successful in VC: curiosity: asking a lot of questions, and risk vs. reward judgement
    • Him and his dad have been learning how to be VC's along the way, made some bad investments in the beginning, but now have a more streamlined process and better decision making model
  • Nate is a current full-time student and co-founded Pak'd with a Kellogg alum and has a family history in the food business at Lyfe Kitchen
    • Registered a website on and overnight got 300 people to sign up for Pak'd helping validate and get into Techstars
    • Having subject matter experts invest in you is key as they understand the business and the challenges and will still back you through tough times
    • Looks up to founder of Blue Apron as they are now dictating what farmers are growing three years from now
    • Investors can be brutally honest, which is one of the biggest value adds
    • Wants to support Chicago entrepreneurial ecosystem, but having national reach from investors is definitely a positive
    • Currently looking for a technical position with engineering background and content marketing

Listen on SoundCloud as Daymond John (Founder of FUBU and Shark on SharkTank) talks about what he looks for in Entrepreneurs

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