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FAQs (Updated for 2015-2016)


What types of events does the Kellogg Energy Club (EC) host?


EC hosts a series of events that support its educational and professional initiatives.


Professional: Numerous companies up and down the energy value chain come to Kellogg to present their perspective of the energy industry. Some of these include traditional oil and gas companies, representatives from the energy groups of all the major consulting firms, startup clean energy companies, and government officials who speak about energy public policy. Some examples of past presentations include: BCG, Mckinsey & Co, Acciona, Exxon, and Lincoln Renewables, to name a few.


The frequency of these company events is typically once or twice per week.


Moreover, EC hosts career Treks to Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco and participates in many Chicago-wide networking events. These events also present wonderful networking opportunities for Kellogg students. EC is also a participant in NESC, the Northwestern Energy and Sustainability Consortium, which connects students from across the different schools at Northwestern, including energy researchers at the McCormick School of Engineering.


Educational: EC hosts several “bootcamps” throughout the year that educate students on industry verticals. Some examples include: traditional oil & gas, wind, solar, and energy storage. Moreover, EC strives to create interaction between Kellogg students and other energy organizations on the Northwestern University campus.


Finally, EC co-sponsors the annual “Green Week”, a weeklong series of events at Kellogg that highlights sustainability topics and headlines numerous sustainability speakers.


Does EC focus more on clean energy or traditional energy (oil and gas) topics?


EC membership is comprised of a healthy and balanced mix of students who are interested in clean energy AND those interested in traditional oil & gas. EC is open to Kellogg students who are interested in either topic.


EC strives to organize events that address topics in both clean energy and traditional oil & gas.


What are some examples of companies that EC has close relationships with for employment opportunities?


Several consulting firms are engaged with Kellogg at the 'energy practice' level; For example, Bain, McKinsey, Roland Berger, and a few others came on campus last year to provide overviews of their energy practices, and take questions.


In addition to consulting, there are several other options for Kellogg students interested in energy. Traditional O&G companies, such as Chevron and Exxon, offer general management and/or finance and/or strategy internships, as well as full-time opportunities in these areas. Some large O&G companies offer rotational programs that allow the candidate to gain a purview of the entire O&G supply chain.


Utilities, such as ComEd and PG&E, offer leadership rotational programs that often start with summer internships.


EC and its alumni also have a strong and growing network with small and mid-size energy companies that don’t engage in on-campus recruiting activities. Kellogg students who want an internship or job at a startup or other just-in-time hiring employer get the job they want.


What are some examples of energy positions that EC members have gone into post graduation? And what geographies?


There is a large representation of Kellogg students in the energy groups of the major consulting firms. In addition to this, there is a healthy Kellogg representation at traditional O&G firms (Exxon and Chevron), utilities (PG&E), and clean energy startups.


As for geography, you will find Kellogg energy alumni very well represented in Chicagoland, New York (tri-state area), Washington D.C., and the Bay Area. Along with the broader Kellogg alumni network, energy alumni are spread throughout the globe.


Are there other Kellogg or Northwestern clubs that would be relevant to someone who is focused on energy?


EC works closely with the Kellogg Sustainability Club to host events and bring speakers to campus. Moreover, EC works closely with the following groups:

Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN)

Northwestern Energy and Sustainability Consortium (NESC)

Northwestern Energy Technology Group (NETG)