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Energy is one of the most sought-after industries at Kellogg - in 2014, over 220 students selected the Energy industry as a preference/target while looking for employment opportunities. Last year, the Kellogg Energy Club hosted 25+ events that attracted over 500 attendees. Types of events included the following:

Date: Throughout the academic year
Location: Jacobs Center

The club will facilitate Lunch ‘n’ Learns where corporations present and discuss specific practices, industries, projects, etc. The objective is for first and second year students, both energy club members and non-members, to learn more about industry trends and companies across the entire energy value chain. 

Date: Throughout the academic year
Location: Evanston and Chicago

The club has several networking events planned throughout the year which includes firm-specific presentations, dinners, and socials. While some of these would be in partnership with Northwestern based organizations like the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISON) but also external organizations like Coalition: Energy. These events provide students and companies a forum for = networking and knowledge-sharing

Date: Fall and Winter quarters
Location: Jacobs Center

The club’s Career Boot Camp allows students interested in energy-related careers learn about energy-related jobs, including internships for first year students and full-time jobs for second-year students. Members of Kellogg’s career management center (CMC) are active members of the boot camp, answering student-questions as well as connecting them with the appropriate industry contacts.

Date: November, 2015
Locations: Houston, San Francisco

The club’s energy trek to Houston and San Francisco are excellent supplements to the club’s on-campus and Chicago events, allowing students experience first-hand the inner workings of companies across the entire energy value chain. Students get access to top leadership at companies they visit through presentations, happy hours and networking lunches/dinners.

Date: Throughout the academic year
Location: Jacobs Center

Held once every quarter, the Exelon Sustainability Speaker Series brings experts to campus to speak on sustainable business topics ranging including corporate sustainability, green products, energy, and regulation.