Kellogg Education Club's mission is to position Kellogg and its students for exceptional education leadership, careers, engagement, service and entrepreneurship – all as part of a larger effort to achieve justice in society.

We welcome all students, JVs and others interested in learning about education-related topics and how education can intersect with their passions and goals.

The Kellogg Education-Focused Experience


Whether you're pursuing a non-profit / public sector career, or want to explore the exciting worlds of education consulting, EdTech, entrepreneurship or more - Education Club provides the network, cultivates the relationships with organizations, and coordinates the resources to make it happen!

Kellogg has specific interview preparation groups (IPGs) for ex-teachers interested in transitioning to management consulting, as well as for anyone pursuing a career path in social impact.

Speakers and Treks

In recent years, Education Club has brought in Chicago Public School system leaders, hosted speaker events on new K-12 learning technologies, and moderated a panel discussion on the advent of Income Sharing Agreements in higher education. We have also organized "treks" for over a dozen students to exciting Chicago-based EdTech organizations like LEAP Innovations and Packback.


Kellogg's education-focused coursework extends from the Education Industry class led by Prof. Pranav Kothari and the Education Consulting Lab led by Prof. Therse McGuire and Prof. Kothari, to a wider set of classes around social impact and business / public policy / technology.

Volunteer Opportunities

Formal volunteering efforts with local schools and organizations, including Evanston Township High School, are regularly facilitated by Education Club.


Education Club provides a strong foundation for the education-focused community at Kellogg. Whether you're a former teacher, aspiring entrepreneur or just looking for a drink at a happy hour with ed-minded folks, we've got you covered!

Case Competitions

In past years, Kellogg has fielded teams for case competitions hosted by the University of Chicago, Penn Graduate School of Education and The Academy Group. Kellogg Education Club continues to organize and publicize relevant case competition opportunities.

Our Team

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  • David Gordon
  • Alexandra Krekorian
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Upcoming Events

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